Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

Using only high quality raw materials, organic and seasonal ingredients, we wanted to highlight the special features of Greek cuisine and local products.

Colours, scents and flavours complement one another throughout all the seasons. This is what we want to share with you on our Farm. Cold pressed olive oil, rose wine from our Mesogaia region, traditional tsipouro, fresh soft cheese made from goat milk, artichokes from our flower beds, wild asparagus from the surrounding hills, herbs and vegetables all year round, seasonal fruits full of fragrance, wild greens and eggs from our chickens are just a few of nature’s gifts that fill our table.

In line with this philosophy, the idea of creating our Margi Farm was born. An idea that is not only used to cover the hotel’s needs for raw materials but an idea that is mostly used to represent a “model” farm, highlighting the local and seasonal products.

The Margi Hotel

50+ years of Luxury Hospitality

We welcome you to taste The Margi hotel breakfast. Fresh eggs from our farm and all the seasonal products will trigger your senses with colour, natural fragrances and flavours.

From farm to fork

Visitors at Our farm can enjoy a guided walk through the organic garden, where according to the season, some vegetables will be ready to be picked and then served on your plate, creating your personal dish.